Miklós Palencsár, founder of 3B, talks about the 3B ideology.

ITB Human Hungary 2016

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We can only give advice and provide training after getting to know and evaluating the personalities of those involved.

Business strategy

“Strategy” has become a rather clichéd business term these days. If someone makes a statement about the future and they happen to be…

Status check / Benchmarking

Preparing comprehensive personality and behaviour profiles Evaluating individual assessments at team level makes it easier to define current weaknesses in…

Organisational development

Organisational development in 3B is basically the sum of the different business development modules selected according to the needs of the customer. They both include the Status Survey…


3B training courses are tailored to the participants’ personality profiles, giving customers a whole new perspective on training. The training courses place particular…


In order for a company to develop it is essential to bring in new people, fresh energy and new ways of thinking at carefully planned intervals. If the company…

CV Analysis system

Identify precise personalities from a CV. Enter the data in just 5 minutes and receive the results within 24 hours.


More and more companies are using gamification, a playful solution which reflects the company’s business goals, to motivate their employees. Good gamification is not just a game, it identifies players’ personalities…

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