Key features of 3B

The 3B system is based on an analysis of 13 economic sectors and more than 120,000 people as well as more than 15 years of business development experience.

People and their decision-making methods are at the core of 3B behaviour-based strategies, training courses and consultancy services.

3B believes that it is people who build and operate a business, therefore in order to understand a business it is essential to understand the behaviour of its workers as well as the reasons behind any changes to this behaviour.

The 3B system is not only able to identify individuals’ personality types, but it can also determine the shared personality traits of different groups of people, such as families, communities and customers.

3B creates tailor-made training courses for specific individuals, groups, companies and markets using this specialist knowledge of how to identify personality types.

As part of its analysis, 3B looks at 3 different stages of personality type – ’original’, ’mask’ and ’modified’. This method can be used to track changes in certain personality types and forecast changes in the future.

3B is the only system with a modern ability to differentiate between generations, based on personality type.

Thanks to its junior and sport tests, 3B is the most widely-used personality type identification system in the world in the areas of education and sport.

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3B Systems Basics

The foundations for 3B were laid in 2001. Sales was the first area the system focused on. The main idea behind it came from Thomas’s DISC system, which was well-known internationally at the time. The system categorised personality type groups and determined common motivating factors. 3B was created in order to increase sales effectiveness by gaining a better understanding of customers and identifying their decision-making processes. In sales it is vital that the personality types are identified safely and securely using external features which are easily recognisable to everybody. As a result, 3B focused on this too.
It became clear that the original personality type could easily be determined by looking at the individual’s clothing, reactions, environment and favourite objects.


Stage one:


3B was able to develop quickly thanks to large sales teams who helped to provide results on the workings of the system both quickly and efficiently. More than 200 special sales training sessions helped to perfect the system. External features were clarified through tests on tens of thousands of customers and today represent a reliable analytical tool for users.


Stage two:

Organisational development

The system began to move towards organisational development at the request of 3B users in the field of sales. Sales was clearly an important area for everybody as it is where the money comes from. 3B gained ground rather easily in organisational development because of the experience of personality types it had amassed in sales. After identifying workers, it determines what motivates them and their main characteristics. This also allows it to form an opinion about the suitability of workers for certain positions or tasks. In the field of organisational development, 3B first and foremost determines an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and provides information in order for the right candidates to be selected and for changes to be made where necessary. The big advantage of the system is that it involves responding to a very short test consisting of only 36 questions. This analysis measures the ’original’, ’mask’ and ’modified’ stages of personality types. The 3B system is supported by a database containing tens of thousands of entries. This means that results of individual tests can be checked by comparing them to past data.


Stage three:

Business strategy

More and more people using 3B for sales and later organisational development started using the system at a higher level. As the system was able to analyse groups of people and determine their main characteristics based on personality type, it also proved suitable for analysing the customers for a particular market. By identifying customer behaviour, companies using 3B were able to see what kind of products and services they should launch in order to achieve better results and increase their market share. This was an opportunity for 3B to become a strategy-building system which creates a direct link between strategy and the operational workers in a business. Using the same theory, it identifies the workers, the products and the companies themselves. At first competition was weakened somewhat and then in most cases it became insignificant or disappeared completely from the market. This was the case on several markets – German, Spanish and Hungarian – Budapest or the regions. It was also true in several sectors including the media, banking, IT, the automotive industry and the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Over the last 9 years more than 100 business strategies have been created using 3B in 11 countries on 3 continents.


Stage four:

The book

The publication of ’3B – Behaviour Based Business, Az Alapok (’The Basics’)’ did more than anything else to publicise the system. The theory, which until that point was considered merely interesting or unusual, became significantly more popular as a result. Readers of the book are predominantly company managers, business owners and those working closely with them. The book is the only official material detailing the unique psychological system to have been published in the last 40 years.


Stage five:


Using the system’s information on personality type identification, specific 3B training courses were started in sales, management and team-building. The unique feature of the training is that participants come for 2 or 3 days with their own individual personality profiles. This helps them to acquire knowledge which is specifically focused on their individual strengths and weaknesses and which can be put into practice right away. It is thanks to this that we delivered 96 days of training to customers from multinational and Hungarian companies in the first year alone. We are also proud of the fact that all of our business partners decided to place more orders after the initial training courses.


Stage six:

Education, sport and parenting

3B has always placed a great deal of emphasis on using the power to identify personality types outside of the business world. In light of this, the 3B junior test was created, which makes personality type identification possible for children of reading age or their parents. In addition, a personality type identification system is now being used for the first time in the world of high-level sport, where it is supporting the work of psychologists involved with the national team and clubs.

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